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Extra Wide Expanding Wallets

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The Smead Linen Wallet is a professional way to keep you organized. Great for architects and engineers to organize CAD drawings and oversized plans, graphic designers to transport presentations to client meetings, artists to store charcoal drawings and watercolor paintings and scrapbookers to protect oversized paper and crafting supplies. Expands up to 2" to carry documents to an offsite presentation or to and from the office. Features a textured linen material, with hook-and-loop closure.

  • A professional looking organization solution
  • Textured linen provides an upgrade from poly
  • Great for customer and client meetings
  • Expands up to 2" to allow ample storage
  • Thin, compact design with hook-and-loop closure

Color: Assorted Jewel Tones
Set of
Item ID: 71170
Color: Assorted Colors
Height: 18 Inches
Depth: 0.7 Inches
Width: 12 Inches
Size: 11" X 17"

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