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Lockit® Two-Pocket Folders

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The Lockit® two-pocket folder secures your documents without three-hole punching or fasteners. Unique Lockit® feature at top folds over to secure your important documents and prevent them from falling out. Reinforced at the sides with a glue flap, and the left pocket is die cut to hold a business card.

  • Secure your documents without hole-punching
  • Unique Lockit feature folds down to prevent documents from falling out
  • Large pockets safely hold documents for easy transport
  • Pockets reinforced at the sides for durability and security
  • Each pocket holds up to 50 sheets of paper

Color: Dark Blue
Set of
Item ID: 87982
Color: Dark Blue
Height: 11.5 Inches
Depth: 0.125 Inches
Width: 9.75 Inches
Size: Letter

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