Maximizing a Small Office Space

Maximizing a Small Office Space

Small Space Organization

If you find yourself working longer hours just to keep your head above water, it may be due to a lack of organization. With the ever-increasing workloads companies are placing on employees, staying organized is vital. Making your cubicle or small space a more productive and inviting place to work when it’s organized and clutter-free.

Use Your Space Creatively

You may have more room to organize your work than you think. Look around you – are you using your vertical space as well as your desktop? Bulletin boards and overhead shelving are great additions that don’t take up any square footage. Look under your desk – is there room for a rolling file cart to store documents? It can be pulled out when you need to file or retrieve paperwork, and then rolled back under your desk and out of the way when not needed. A little imagination will go a long way to adding organizational options to a small space.