Straight-Line Filing

A proven concept. The Smead Straight-Line Filing method was developed to help you file and find files faster and easier. Straight-Line Filing is based on the simple fact that your eyes scan information much faster when moving in a straight line versus looking back and forth.

Keep it straight, keep it organized. A good example of the Straight-Line concept can be seen in the way that names are organized in the phone book. Finding a name is easy because they are arranged in columns so your eyes scan them in a straight line. If you had to look back and forth, finding the name would be more difficult and time consuming.

The same concept holds true when setting up a file management system. By using folders with tabs in one position, you can quickly scan file headings to find the file you need, dramatically reducing the time you spend looking for files. Watch for the SLF for Straight-Line Filing compatible products.