[PODCAST] 290: Organizing for Empty Nesters

Professional Organizer Perri Kersh talks about the new or soon-to-be "empty nest" and how to start looking differently at your stuff and your space now that the children are out of the house.

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2:44 Things to look for when you start thinking about your soon-to-be empty nest

3:55 Starting to think about not only the space but the stuff as well

5:30 How Perry dissects the empty nest situation when first meeting with clients

7:00 Thinking about using the extra space for something else that is functional

9:00 Making changes to a childhood bedroom a positive change

11:35 Approaching the “stuff” and talking to your children about it

13:00 The kindergarten through high school papers and what to do with them

15:40 Tackling the parents’ stuff that pertain to kids’ lives

16:53 Sorting through the technology in the house

17:40 Building mutual, respectful relationships with our children

18:50 About Perry’s business

Perri's Website:  www.Neat-Freak.com