[PODCAST] 232: The Container Concept

Professional Organizer Angie Hyche introduces The Container Concept and how it can work for you.

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1:45 The background on The Container Concept

3:02 The Container Concept used in a kitchen

4:15 What happens when people say,"I need more storage space"

5:14 How you help someone through an organizing situation

6:20 Alternative ways to use things that you have too many of

7:11 How to apply this to a full kitchen

8:15 Where to put things that you don't use often

8:50 Organizing the silverware drawer

9:11 Client Example of using The Container Concept

13:08 Using Time as a container

14:11 Examples of containers of time

15:58 How to deal with Open Space

17:03 How to be flexible with time

Angie's Website:  www.shipshape.solutions