[PODCAST] 230: Sort and Succeed

Professional Organizer Darla DeMorrow discusses her newest book Sort and Succeed and what makes this organizing system different from others.

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2:30 What makes Darla’s system different?

4:03 Darla’s first step in Sort and Succeed – Start and write down your organizing projects

5:00 Darla gives an example of the first step

8:24 The second step – Organizing into different groups or categories

10:03 The third step – Reduce, Release and Reset

10:27 The black t-shirt example

11:41 The goal for the customer with repeat items

12:15 The fourth step – the T…Tweaking!

13:36 The fifth and final step – Rejoicing!!

15:10 Find Darla's book, "Sort and Succeed" here:

Darla's Website:  www.HeartWorkOrg.com