[PODCAST] 174: Organizing Your Work Space in a Short Amount of Time - Pt. 1

Professional Organizer Aimee Olson discusses organizing your work space in a short amount of time and what personal items do you really need to keep?

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4:07    How to create an active file zone

6:06    Create the inbox zone

7:44    Create zone 3 – active project file (not to be kept on top of desk)

8:35    Storing files that need to be shared with colleagues

10:35  Amy explains how to attack organizing your paperwork and avoid being derailed or distracted

11:32  Handling interruptions during file organization

12:50  Deciding what to scan, keep or throw

15:03  Office supply hoarding

15:55  One good pen…

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Aimee's Website:  www.LifeDoneSimply.com