[PODCAST] 145: Creating A Wardrobe Capsule Part 2

Part 2 of Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas telling us the importance of wardrobe capsules and what look may work for you.

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1:18 A recap of part one and why capsules are popular

2:27 How Geralin works with a client on putting together a capsule

3:40 How Geralin assesses a client’s color pallete

5:11 Dressing with your eye and hair color

6:40 Does preference work into the capsule?

8:00 Finding a celebrity with similar coloring

9:50 Other key factors in putting together a clothing capsule

11:03 Geralin’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 system

13:15 Creating a capsule on a budget

15:05 What to tell someone who wants to wear all black

16:08 Naming and embracing your pallete

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