[PODCAST] 142: Avoiding Common Organizing Mistakes

Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright discusses the basics of organizing and what mistakes you should avoid.

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2:00 Making a system that’s easy for everyone to use and adapt to

3:10 Keeping the system general and easy to understand

3:48 Diane’s “Work Piles Made Easy” system

5:55 The ideal organizational system

6:40 Don’t label things too specific – covering general categories

10:35 Don’t get caught up in color coding files

14:08 Don’t buy containers before you begin organizing

15:30 Going vertical vs. horizontal

18:16 Make an appointment to get rid of items

19:00 Divide your organizing projects into achievable segments

20:36 Remember that organization requires maintenance

Diane is a Certified Professional Organizer and nationally recognized expert in the field of organization and productivity. She is the creator of Ten Minutes a Day to Organizing Success® and Work Piles Made Easy®.  Her website is www.DianeAlbright.com