[PODCAST] 73: Tips to Spring Clean Like A Pro

Spring is right around the corner and it's time to clean! Professional Organizer Donna Smallin Kuper gives us tips on how to clean like a pro and what NOT to do when cleaning.

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01:40 The history of ‘spring cleaning’

03:10 Where to start when getting into spring cleaning

03:40 The shelf life of some cleaning products

04:41 Basic needs for spring cleaning

05:50 The correct care for microfiber cloths

06:34 Donna’s new book and what it covers

07:30 The importance of good cleaning tools

08:34 The first step in the “plan of attack” for cleaning

09:30 Having a routine and sticking to it

10:47 The two approaches to cleaning

13:25 Thinking about your cleaning strategies and things to avoid

16:48 Where the vacuum attachments can come in handy

18:55 Donna’s must-haves for cleaning like a pro

21:15 A clean home is a healthy home

22:50 The ideas behind Donna’s new book

Donna's Website: Unclutter.com