[PODCAST] 62: The Easy Way to Set Priorities

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Faye discusses the easy way to set priorities.

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01:30 If everything is important, nothing is important

02:20 How Ellen deals with a client prioritization issue

03:27 How to prioritize the “A” priorities

05:55 Doing a mind dump into a system

07:10 The physical mess vs. the mind mess

11:10 How to move forward once priorities are set

12:30 How to process incoming projects

13:15 What kind of calendar Ellen recommends for clients

14:50 What is Ellen’s personal organizational system preference?

15:45 How many colors Ellen uses for organizing

17:20 What Ellen does with the “open holes” in her calendar

18:10 Productivity hacks

Ellen's Website:  www.EllenFaye.com