[Podcast] 020: The Psychology Behind Organizing

Professional Organizer Maureen Heinen reveals there is more to organizing than just setting up systems.

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Professional Organizer Maureen Heinen discuses the psychology behind organizing.

Show Notes

00:56 Maureen’s philosophy for getting organized

02:20 The thought process during the first appointment

04:25 The story of overwhelming possessions

06:15 Dealing with guilt about letting go of possessions

08:00 Creative tips to showcase memories

08:50 The first step of an organizing project

12:37 Is hoarding getting a bad reputation?

13:35 Confessions of a hoarder

17:00 How a hoarder gets rid of items

18:40 The truth behind any hoarding situation

21:15 How to "Send in Maureen"

Maureen Heinen is a professional organizer based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Maureen's website:  www.sendinmaureen.com