[PODCAST] 010: Holiday Organizing With Geralin Thomas

Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas gives ideas and tips for staying organized during the holidays.

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This episode features Certified Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas from Metropolitan Organizing who shares holiday organizing tips

Show Notes

01:11 Two types of holiday stress

03:15 The tactical approach to get people moving

04:45 Most effective time of the day to be productive

06:08 Geralin shares her holiday traditions 

08:10 Smells that trigger holiday memories or traditions

11:40 Geralin discusses how she got her start

14:30 Helping other organizers with their businesses

16:38 Geralin's experience on the Nate Burkus show

18:00 Different personality types during the holidays

19:01 Why change can be necessary in organizing

19:54 How Geralin keeps herself organized

20:24 What is Metropolitan Organizing

Geralin Thomas is the owner of Metropolitan Organizing a professional organizing services company in in the Raleigh North Carolina. She has appeared on Hoarders and The Nate Berkus Show.  She also consults and trains new professional organizers in Canada, Central and South America, Europe, the UK, Australia and Africa. 

Resources Mentioned In This Show:

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