[VIDEO] How to Make Coupons Pay Off

Using coupons can bring substantial savings to your household budget. These three steps make it easy to take advantage of money-saving coupons, rebates and special offers:


• Save coupons from all sources. Mailers, newspapers, inserts, magazines, websites and even cash register receipts often contain valuable coupons.

• Check for coupon flyers at the entrances of stores. Often these coupons or offers are not advertised.

• Look in packages of products for additional coupons. Many times manufacturers offer incentives to buy accessories or supplies.


• Check expiration dates and throw away all expired coupons.

• Eliminate coupons and offers for products or services you would never use.

• Organize the coupons into groupings. You can sort by expiration date, or categorize by store or product type.


• Before heading to the store, check for coupons on items that are on your list. Consider any coupons you saved for other products that are sold at that store, and decide if you should add them to your shopping list.

• At the store, be on the lookout for instant coupons and rebate offers. Redeem rebate offers as soon as possible, before you throw away packaging. Often bar codes or other proof of purchase are required.

• Save even more by using coupons on items that are already on sale. You’ll save time at the checkout and save money on your purchases when you keep your coupons organized. Happy shopping!

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