Organize With Environmentally Friendly Products

Organize With Environmentally Friendly Products

The choices we make today are what will shape the world of tomorrow. As stewards of the earth’s resources, we need to take steps wherever possible to conserve and reuse our raw materials. We also need to reduce pollution at every opportunity.

Doing What’s Right

You want to be organized, but you also want to be responsible. The world’s landfills are filling up at an alarming rate, and paper consumption continues to rise. At Smead, we make it possible to stay organized while minimizing the impact on the environment. Nearly every paper product we make includes recycled post-consumer paper fibers. In fact, many of our most popular products are available made entirely of recycled material, including:

  • Manila File Folders
  • Hanging Folders
  • File Pockets
  • End Tab File Folders
  • Wallets

Keeping You Organized While Keeping The World Sustainable

Hundreds of Smead products meet or exceed the progressive recycled content requirements used by government agencies and corporations when choosing earth-friendly office supplies. But we are doing even more. By selecting paper suppliers who practice Sustainable Forest Initiative requirements, we ensure that the virgin fibers used in Smead products are harvested from tree farms, not from old-growth forests.

We also use chlorine-free processed material in some of our most popular paper stocks:

  • 100% recycled manila stock
  • Green hanging folder stock
  • Redrope wallet stock
  • Kraft stock

Recycling For The Future

At Smead, we are always looking for ways to keep our planet safe. Soon, virtually all of our colored stocks will be acid-free, allowing our products to last longer and protect vital archived documents. Even the boxes we use for our products are made with post-consumer recycled material.

In a world that needs careful management for future generations, we all need to make the right choices for keeping our offices organized, and our environment healthy. When you choose Smead supplies, you’re giving the green light to both.