Logo and Image Library

Logo and Image Library

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Smead Brand Usage Guidelines

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Smead Manufacturing Logo

Smead Logo Files

DownloadBMP logos 9k
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DownloadJPG logos 38k
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Smead Manufacturing Plaid Pattern

Smead Plaid Pattern Files

DownloadGIF Plaid 117k
DownloadJPG Plaid 797k
DownloadMac EPS Plaid 5.62M
DownloadPC EPS Plaid 7.6M
Smead Unveils New SafeSHIELD™ Technology

Smead News Images

DownloadPhotos for Smead Unveils New SafeSHIELD™ 840k

DownloadPhotos for Smead Launches New TUFF™ Hanging Folder With Easy Slide™ Tab 2.40M

DownloadPhotos for Smead Celebrates 20 Years Of Being "Green" 278k

DownloadHigh-resolution CMYK photos for SmartStrip Release 464k

DownloadPhotos for Smead Oragnomics Release 1.45M
The Smead Story

DownloadLow-resolution RGB photo, The Smead Story, 81k
DownloadHigh-resolution RGB photo, The Smead Story, 511k
50 Years of Woman Leadership

DownloadLow-resolution RGB photo, 50 Years of Woman Leadership, 367k
DownloadHigh-resolution RGB photo, 50 Years of Woman Leadership, 11.4M

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