[PODCAST] 277: What's a Picture without a Story?

Professional Organizer Hazel Thornton joins us to talk about genealogy and the organizing that comes with it and how having a story can make things a lot more interesting.

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1:30 What are we talking about when we say “what’s a picture without a story”

2:35 What is the number 2 hobby in the country? What is number 1?

3:15 What to do with your genealogy and combining data with photos

5:50 The more you know about the people in your genealogy, the more interesting it is

6:31 “Going wide”

6:48 “Going deep”

7:00 “Focus”

9:00 How a story can enhance somebody’s life

11:35 How to create the story when you aren’t a writer

14:05 How to not be overwhelmed when telling your story

Hazel's Website:  www.Org4Life.com

Blog post mentioned:  www.Org4Life.com/story