[PODCAST] 250: Deciding to Decide

Professional Organizer, coach and consultant Lisa Montanaro discusses decisions, indecisiveness and why it's important to make a decision, even if it may be the wrong one.

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1:10 The penalty for not making a decision and the importance of exercising our decision making muscles

2:50 One of the first things to do when you are feeling indecisive

4:00 What happens when indecisiveness builds up

4:42 Tips for overcoming the fear of making the wrong decision

5:55 Breaking down to the pros and cons of decisions

7:15 The overwhelm of getting started and how to conquer that

8:00 Allowing yourself to make a mistake

11:10 How your mind will trick you from keep you from making decisions and how to handle it

12:45 What decision you should really pay attention to

14:00 Visualizing your decisions

16:50 The sense of relief when a decision is finally made

18:30 Decision fatigue and how to handle it

19:36 How does testing or seeding an idea relate to making a decision

Lisa's Website:  www.LisaMontanaro.com