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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | February 2018

Seven Ways to Get Your Desk Clean and Keep it that Way!

The feeling a clean desk gives you is energizing and sometimes inspiring. The desk is clean, you are focused and work is going to get done! This usually lasts a day or two and a few big projects later the clean desk returns to its original chaotic state. Some people are blessed with large work surfaces – looming desks that command attention upon entering an office.

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[PODCAST] 201: The Three Blocks to Success

Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant Lisa Montanaro discusses the three blocks to success and how to overcome them.

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Infographic: 5 Tips to Get Organized

Organizing can be stressful, but following a few simple guidelines can make the organizing process a lot more worry-free and even fun! Download and follow these simple tips and you’ll have an organized system in no time!


Where to Start? What goes with what?

Getting organized can be tough. Knowing how to start can be tougher. We've taken three main issues when it comes to organizing your office and determined some of the best methods for getting started. These simple product pairings will have you organizing with ease!

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