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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | June 2017

Staying Organized Over the Summer

Summer may mean endless months of vacation for your kids – but life is a bit different for us adults. Work doesn't just stop from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and you have to find a way to get your job done in between the trips and summer holiday celebrations.

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[PODCAST] 174: Organizing Your Work Space in a Short Amount of Time - Pt. 1

Professional Organizer Aimee Olson discusses organizing your work space in a short amount of time; and what personal items do you really need to keep?

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[CHECKLIST]: Groceries

A printable grocery checklist can keep sayings like “Did we need ____” and “I forgot the ____” out your grocery shopping. Manage your grocery list with this simple printable checklist. Just fill in the circle and go!

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New Product! Tag Along® "Clutch" Organizer

The new Tag Along® "Clutch" Organizer is the perfect place to organize and store coupons, gift cards, receipts and small paperwork. This fashionable portable organizer fits into a briefcase, bag or the glove box. The Tag Along "Clutch" Organizer features 12 pockets and a flap with elastic cord closure for security. 12 gold foil edged labels are included for customization.

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