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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | July 2016

Home Office Organization Saves You Money - Here's Why

Don't you just love the feeling of satisfaction you get after a long-overdue decluttering binge? At long last, you can finally survey your domain - be it your home, your office, or your home office - and truthfully remark, "Gosh, this place looks great." Can a little well-deserved self-satisfaction put money in your wallet?

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How to Help Your Student Own their Time and Responsibilities

Professional Organizer and time management guru Leslie Josel gives parents tips for helping their students become good problem solvers instead of good direction followers.

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NEW! Smead Two-Pocket Coloring Folders

Just in time for back to school! Help your student stay organized but also allow some creativity to design the folder they want. Now available in two-pocket portfolios; perfect for backpacks!

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Introducing, a new consumer-oriented organizing destination web store from Smead. Browse and purchase select Smead organizing products - all with just a few clicks! A wide selection from file folders to our new display boards that require no pins, tape or glue.

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