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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | April 2016

4 Steps to Stress-Free Productivity

How do you define being "productive?" Do you think of it as literally producing more? Or is it about helping you feel more in control or "balanced?" Do you tie it into impacting your bottom line and making more money? Or is that less important to you than its affect on your peace of mind?

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[PODCAST] 126: Five Ideas for Figuring Out Your Next Step

Certified Professional Organizer Linda Samuels joins the podcast to discuss the "next steps" when your project becomes too overwhelming.

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New Product: Life Documents Organizer Kit

New from Smead: The Life Documents Organizer Kit helps you organize and store key life documents such as wills & trusts, health care directives, investment and retirement plans, marital documents and contact information.

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[CHECKLIST]: Spring Cleaning

Clean up your home for a fresh start on a new season. Use this free printable checklist to be sure you cover all areas!

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