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Monthly Tips for Staying Organized | February 2014

The Secret for Getting Ready for Tax Time

Of the two constants in life, taxes have one big advantage over death; we know when they are coming! So why do we often find ourselves putting it off until the last minute? The answer to that question lies in two parts.

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[PODCAST] The Psychology Behind Organizing

Professional Organizer Maureen Heinen reveals there is more to organizing than just setting up systems.

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Checklist: Organizing Tax Paperwork

Most people dread tax time because they have to gather all that paperwork and documentation - maybe miss some vital tax information and mess up their bottom line. Reduce your worries this year by following this step-by-step tax time checklist as you prepare your return or meet with your CPA or tax advisor.

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[VIDEO] How to Organize Tax Return Records

Here is an easy way to organize tax return records when you start bemoaning the fact that “tax time is coming soon".

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