ColorBar® Inkjet Labels

ITEM NO: 02483

ColorBar WaterGuard® labels are designed specifically to work with inkjet printers. ColorBar WaterGuard® labels are made with a unique double coating to prevent ink runs, bleeds and fading.

Smead ColorBar® Labeling Software requires the use of genuine ColorBar® labels.

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  • WaterGuard® labels will not cause the ink to fade, run or bleed when handled, even when submerged in water for several minutes.
  • ColorBar labels will not yellow over time. Consistent whiteness prevents color shifts in your color coding.
  • Special sheet construction reduces paper jams when printing.
  • Stringent adhesive quality controls prevent problems with curling, peeling and printing.
  • Standard letter size to fit virtually any printer that supports 8-1/2” x 11” adhesive label stock
  • Available in 6-up, 7-up and single label sheets
  • Labels sizes 8” and 7-1/2” to match current systems

Smead ColorBar® WaterGuard® 02483, 7-Up Label Sheet, Ink-Jet Printer, 8" W x 1-7/16" H

Item No:02483
Qty Per Box: 1008
Qty Per Carton: 5040
Stock No: CB-170173