The Business Benefits of Shelf Filing

The Business Benefits of Shelf Filing

You’ve probably seen them in your doctor or dentist’s office, but never gave them a second thought. Shelf filing systems that use folders with tabs on the side are one of the most efficient filing methods available. Any business that wants to cut costs and improve productivity should consider switching their filing system to a shelf system.

Not Just for Medical Anymore

The health care industry has known for years how shelf filing improves office efficiency and lowers expenses. The importance of quick access to records and the need for accuracy is a primary reason virtually every clinic and hospital uses a shelf filing system. But any business can take advantage of its benefits:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lower investment in filing equipment
  • Fewer lost or misfiled records
  • Less space for file storage
  • Improved workflow

The Cost Benefits

One of the most compelling reasons for shelf filing is the reduction of overhead expense. A shelf filing system using end tab folders requires far less office space than traditional drawer filing systems. Open shelving can cut the space for file storage needed in half compared to lateral filing cabinets. Movable shelf filing systems can hold four times as many records in the same space.

The cost of shelf filing equipment is far less than either lateral or vertical filing cabinets. Compared to the price of traditional file cabinets with elaborate mechanical drawer hardware, shelf systems are only one third the cost.

The Labor Savings

More than 80 percent of the cost to maintain a filing system is in the time spent by personnel filing and retrieving documents. A color-coded shelf filing system can cut labor costs by 30 percent by making it easier to find and replace files.

One lost or misplaced record will often delay, inconvenience or require work to be redone by more than a dozen people. The estimated cost of every filing mistake is over $125. Shelf filing with color-coded folders can virtually eliminate misfiled records.

The Real Value of the Intangible Benefits

An easy to use filing system is a pleasure to use. Shelf systems allow simultaneous access by multiple users. Finding information quickly frees up time for employees to do their jobs, and reduces office stress.

Beyond the direct dollar savings of lower overhead expenses, the benefits of improved productivity, enhanced customer service and a happier workforce make the decision to change to a shelf filing system an easy choice.