Maximize You Filing Space with Mobile Filing Equipment

Maximize You Filing Space with Mobile Filing Equipment

Converting from drawer-based filing cabinets to a shelf filing system can double the amount of records you can store in your filing area. But to truly squeeze the maximum number of records into the smallest space, you need mobile filing equipment. Whether you choose a Slide-By System for a small office or clinic, or a Compacting System that stores hundreds of thousands of files, mobile filing equipment delivers the highest possible ratio of files per square inch of any filing system available.

Just Let It Slide

A Slide-By shelf filing system is an excellent alternative for growing departmental filing systems that have to fit into an extremely limited floor space. By placing open shelf filing units on tracks, one row of files can be placed directly in front of another row. The row in front easily slides back and forth to expose the files behind it, making the entire system accessible.

Compared to traditional four-drawer lateral filing cabinets, a slide-by shelf system can fit more than three times as many records into the same amount of office space.

Folders on the Move for Better Efficiency

Very large filing systems do not have to take up very large spaces. Static shelf filing systems create twice the space of traditional drawer-based filing systems by eliminating the aisle space needed for opening file drawers. Compacting mobile shelving systems take the concept even further by eliminating the aisles between the shelf units.

Open shelf files are mounted to a carriage track system that allows them to easily be moved by either manually pushing them, or by using a mechanical-assist crank system. Only one aisle space is needed to access the entire filing system. By repositioning the shelf units, the aisle gets “moved” to whichever location is needed to reach the desired files. This allows more than twice the filing space as static shelving, and more than four times the filing space of a system using lateral filing cabinets.