All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer by Smead helps put your best foot forward in gathering tax records

HASTINGS, Minn. (February 1, 2007) —The dreaded April 17 tax deadline looms large. Do you feel the need to lace up your running shoes for the biggest paper chase of the year? Put your shoes back in their box and reach for Smead’s new All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer instead.

The All-in-One Organizer helps you sprint through the tax preparation obstacle course eliminating the frantic scramble to locate all your documents. The heavy-duty, water resistant, blue and frosty white expanding poly file comes with 13 different storage pockets conveniently helping you keep all your tax information in one place. To sort and retrieve records easily and quickly, the kit’s pre-printed and blank labels allow easy indexing of the pockets by inserting the labels into built-in poly tabs. Unlike other options on the market, All-in-One’s expandable wallet-like files provide an organization tool for documents without requiring three-hole punch pages or individual hanging files.

Receipts no longer will disappear when you place them in one of two poly envelopes provided with the organizer. And you can secure your electronic records by placing them in a media pocket. That way all your e-filing documents will be accessible whenever you need them.

Instructions and a check list are provided to make tax organization and preparation easier and less stressful. Smead’s All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer is portable. Designed to be hand-carried or slipped into a larger tote or briefcase, you can confidently transport records from office to home or to your tax preparer’s office.

“One of the biggest stress points for taxpayers is finding and organizing supporting documents generated throughout the year,” said David Fasbender, Smead’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer by Smead goes the distance to help taxpayers be better organized and less stressed. This kit helps consumers keep everything in one place which makes tax preparation easier and faster.”

Organizing experts recommend using two tax organizers during this tax season: one to help tackle 2006 tax preparation especially as 1099 and W-2 forms begin arriving in January’s mail; the second can be used now to get a jump on your 2007 income tax returns to begin filing relevant documents as you receive them during the year.

The All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer is available at select office superstores nationwide. More information on the All-in-One™ Income Tax Organizer is available at, and hundreds more product ideas to help keep you organized are available at

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