Coated Fastener Technology Offers "The Feel-Good Solution for Documents and Fingers™"


HASTINGS, Minn. (March 23, 2010) — Smead®, a leading provider of filing and organizational products, today announced the introduction of patented SafeSHIELD™ Coated Fastener Technology, an exclusive innovation featuring Smead's proprietary smooth coating that will replace ordinary fasteners on more than 150 current Smead fastener folders and classification folders.

"We are constantly looking for ways to help busy professionals work better, smarter and faster," said Jim Riesterer, Vice President of Marketing at Smead. "Patented SafeSHIELD coated fasteners were developed to provide welcome relief to anyone who suffers the torn papers, finger cuts and crinkled metal of traditional fasteners. We like to think that it now feels better to be organized, both literally and figuratively!"

Smead's Patented SafeSHIELD Coated Fastener Technology is the product of extensive, proprietary consumer research and offers three primary benefits to address challenges experienced by over 60% of fastener product users:

  • No More Hurt Fingers
    Fingers move easily across smooth, coated surface. Plus, no sharp metal edges to cut skin or break nails.
  • No More Torn Papers
    Thicker, coated fasteners prevent troublesome tearing of documents at hole punches. Adding and removing pages from file is now worry free.
  • No More Crinkled Fasteners
    Coated fasteners resist crinkling due to frequent bending of prongs. The days of struggling with deformed fasteners are gone.

In addition to the primary benefits, Patented SafeSHIELD Coated Fastener Technology also prevents desktop scratches and clothing snags that can occur with fasteners that have a metal fastener back on the outside of the folder.

A wide variety of top tab and end tab fastener folders and classification folders will feature Patented SafeSHIELD Coated Fastener Technology. All Patented SafeSHIELD products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as a testament to Smead's confidence in this superior fastener technology. To find your favorite folder style or gather more information, visit

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