Not a time to procrastinate, but a chance to fight it


HASTINGS, Minn. (February 26, 2010) — In conjunction with National Procrastination Week (March 1 – 7), Smead, a leading provider of filing and organizational products, offers up three strategies for fighting procrastination.

The causes for procrastination are many and are subject to debate – whether it’s a fear of failure, uncertainty of how to proceed, anxiety, or a nagging feeling of being overwhelmed. What’s not up for debate is that procrastination is a tough habit to break, and it robs millions of Americans of their time, productivity, and well- being.

"The good news is procrastination is a behavior that can be changed," said Louise Kurzeka, a professional organizer who works with Smead. "Fighting procrastination isn’t as simple as willing yourself out of it, saying something like, ‘I won’t procrastinate with my next project,’ but it can be tackled with a strategy that suits your organizational style."

Kurzeka recommends taking advantage of National Procrastination Week with the following three solutions for chronic procrastinators:

  • The Worst First approach challenges the procrastinator to pick the least palatable part of the procrastinating task and get it out of the way up front.
  • The Pros and Cons strategy requires the procrastinator to list all the positives that will result if they accomplish the procrastinating task as well as all the negatives that will result if they continue to put off action. The pros usually outweigh the cons.
  • The tried and true method of Divide and Conquer helps the procrastinator break down all the steps of a task into manageable portions so the whole task feels less overwhelming.

How to determine your organizational style

Smead offers a free interactive "how to" Web site, Smead Organomics (, that can identify a person’s organizational style and offer tools to match that style. The site was developed with help from professional organizers and offers practical ideas and advice including the latest trends and solutions to the most common organizing challenges in easy to digest "One Minute Answers." In addition, an "Organomics Calculator" provides the actual time and money lost to individuals and companies due to disorganization.

The site also offers a customized solution for each visitor through "My Organomics" – an interactive tool that delivers solutions based on a person’s individual work style and organizing challenges. In addition, there are many quick tips and advice for answering the most common organization problems at both work and home.

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