HASTINGS, Minn. (November 30, 2009) — Smead®, a leading provider of filing and organizational products, today extends congratulations to David Fasbender, Smead’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, on 50 years of service.

For five decades, the foresight and business acumen of David Fasbender has contributed to Smead’s continuum of growth, innovation, and change. It brings a smile to his face as he recalls his first acquaintance with the company that’s now a major industry player: “I had lived here all my life and didn’t even know Smead existed; the offices were in an old building downtown on the second floor,” remembers Fasbender. ”The whole place wasn’t much bigger than my office today.”

Hired in 1959, Fasbender started out learning the business from the correspondence and sales side. After a brief stint on the road as a traveling salesman, he decided he wanted to work inside the company. He made significant contributions to the company’s rich history of product innovation and specialization, and was named Vice President in charge of sales in 1977. He was later promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales in 1995, then to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1997.

“David has a special type of curiosity; he is always tinkering with some gadget to see how it can be applied in our business. He is such a forward-thinking and progressive person, open to new ideas, and that has led to many new products as well as Smead’s venture into the European market and electronic document management industry,” said Sharon Hoffman Avent, President and CEO. “But David is especially known throughout the industry for his loyalty to Smead and the Hoffman family, as well as his high level of integrity in everything he does.”

Fasbender has lived up to his reputation as a visionary time and time again. He was instrumental in the acceptance of color coding that catapulted Smead into the limelight. When US dealers organized together to form buying groups, he anticipated that their next move would be to sign up dealers around the world. He saw their potential at a time when most manufacturers wanted nothing to do with them, and got Smead involved with these big buying groups. Soon those buying groups dominated all the manufacturers in the US, a role that the office superstores now fill. Smead has survived with the superstores in large part due to the efforts of Fasbender in building relationships with them.

Fasbender’s business acumen has helped Smead develop a sales force with unrivaled knowledge of the filing and document-management marketplace. With Fasbender at the helm of Sales and Marketing, Smead continues to be a recognized leader in an ever-changing industry.

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