Color is One Way to Get and Stay on an Organized Track


HASTINGS, Minn. (March 16, 2009) — The recent national news report that the Obama Administration uses a purple file folder to keep constituent letters organized says a lot about the new White House – specifically that they are visual, creative and efficient, according to Smead, a leading provider of filing and organizational products.

“Using color for organization is quick, intuitive and resourceful,” said Louise Kurzeka, a professional organizer who works with Smead. “People recognize color much faster than they can read text so when the President sees that purple folder, he knows right away what is inside. Whether you choose to use colored folders or another type of organizational tool, the key is to know what works for you.”

Uncovering and recognizing your own personal style can be difficult; however, Smead offers a free, interactive Web site that will easily identify a person’s organizational style and offer tools that match that style. The site (www.smead.com/organomics) is an easy-to-use resource that offers tips and ideas to help people get more done with less stress.

“Everyone has their own individual organizational style and finding that style is the first step toward getting organized,” Kurzeka said. “But you also need to know how to use that style and make it purposeful within your own system. For instance, before you order a rainbow of colorful products, make sure you have a plan to use those products – red for to-do items, yellow for forms, green for financials, and so on.”

The Smead Organomics site was developed with help from professional organizers and offers free practical ideas and advice including the latest trends and solutions to the most common organizing challenges. It also offers a customized solution for each visitor through “My Organomics” – an interactive tool that delivers solutions based on a person’s individual work style and organizing challenges. Smead Organomics users also can join “Club Organomics,” Smead’s online organizing club.

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Smead Manufacturing Company, a leader in office filing products and records management systems, was established in 1906 in Hastings, Minnesota. Smead is a privately held, certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) offering thousands of organizational products for use in the home or office. For more information on Smead’s high-quality organizational products, including hundreds of environmentally friendly products made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)-certified materials, visit www.smead.com. To find your personal organizing style, visit Smead Organomics at www.smead.com/MyOrganomics.