Smead Offers Tips to Make Season Less Taxing


HASTINGS, Minn. (February 24, 2009) — Many Americans procrastinate when it comes to doing their taxes, often because they don’t want to tackle the receipts and documents that have been piling up for the past 12 months. Smead, a leading expert in organization, offers a variety of resources for making this season less taxing.

"Tax time is inherently stressful for people because they realize that they need to organize their important documents but they don’t know where to begin," said Jim Riesterer, Vice President of Marketing at Smead. "In reality, tax time is the perfect opportunity to get organized and to develop a system that will work for you for years to come."

Smead is offering the following tips to help people deal with tax-time disorganization:

  • Prepare for tax time by making a checklist of documents you will need based on your returns from the last few years.
  • Purge files of monthly bills from the previous year and set up a filing system for the current year that includes receipts, credit card and bank statements, medical expenses and utility payments.
  • Place current tax records and other important documents in files that are clearly marked and easily accessible.
  • Plan ahead for next year by setting up a filing system for documents and receipts for the current year.
  • Preserve tax returns indefinitely and store supporting tax documents, which can be destroyed after seven years, in a file labeled with the year and the destruction date.
  • Put Your Feet Up and know that you are ready for next year!

Additional ideas for getting organized are available on Smead Organomics (, a new free interactive "how to" Web site that provides expertise and ideas to teach people how to get more done with less stress. The site was developed with help from professional organizers and offers free practical ideas and advice including the latest trends and solutions to the most common organizing challenges. It also offers a customized solution for each visitor through "My Organomics" – an interactive tool that delivers solutions based on a person’s individual work style and organizing challenges. Smead Organomics users also can also join "Club Organomics," Smead’s online organizing club.

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