No-Hassle File Labeling with Smartstrip® Labeling System

No-Hassle File Labeling with Smartstrip® Labeling System

If you file documents on shelves, you already know how using color coding saves time filing and retrieving your records, and helps prevent misfiled records. But putting on all those “sticky” labels is a slow and tedious job. A smarter way to make new files or charts for shelf filing is to use the Smead Smartstrip Labeling System.

All Of Your Indexing Is On One Label

Smartstrip gives you the efficiency of color-coded indexing without the time-consuming task of applying individual colored labels to your shelf files. Simply enter your file headings on your PC and print a single label strip, ready to apply to any end tab filing product.

The label strip contains all of your indexing information, including:

  • File headings
  • Up to three lines of text
  • Color-coded characters (letters or numbers)
  • Month and Year codes
  • User-defined color codes
  • Bar codes for electronic tracking

Match Your Existing System

Smartstrip Software comes with built-in label designs that use the colors and formats of the most popular color coding systems. Select the design that matches your filing system and enter your file headings. Smartstrip automatically formats the label to match the colors and style of your existing files.

Make Your Filing System Work Harder

Add year, month or special color codes to your label for extra efficiency. Choose the size and fonts for the label text. You can mix formats to match your current label design. Drag and drop positioning lets you adjust the label design to fit your requirements. As you type in the folder headings, a Smartstrip label is created on-screen. The software recognizes patterns in your indexing, and automatically fills in data fields as you type.

The Smart Way is the Easy Way

Click to print a label strip complete with vibrant color codes, text and bar codes, ready to apply to a new folder. The unique Smartstrip form uses a patented alignment feature that ensures perfect label placement every time. Making new files becomes an effortless task instead of a chore.

Here’s Another Smart Idea

Each envelope sized Smartstrip form also has eight bonus labels that add extra efficiency to your files. Use the document labels to mark items inside the folder with the file heading. Use the smaller labels as index tabs for subdividing contents or use them as alert labels to indicate special conditions or the status of contents.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you use Smartstrip to label your files, you’ll spend less time creating new folders. And with all of Smartstrip built-in indexing enhancements, you’ll spend far less time filing and looking for documents.

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