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Data Entry


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Data Entry

Q: Can my color bands be automatically filled based on a pattern?

Yes. Smead Smartstrip recognizes a number of the most popular patterns used in end-tab labeling systems. As you type into the first three lines, the bands are automatically set on the screen. You can overwrite the values at any time.

To change the pattern, type numbers and letters in each band text box, and then print.

Q: How do I add a bar code to the label?

You can add bar codes to both the main label and the top tab bonus labels.

Q: How do I change the bar code number?

The bar code changes automatically after you print a label. To change the next bar code number, on the Tools menu, click Design Main Label. At the bottom of the screen, edit the Next bar code text box.

Q: Why do the data-entry lines appear to be out of order?

When the label is folded and placed on the folder, the most important information should be listed nearest the edge. Therefore, the preview shows the first line nearest the center fold line on the label when it is filed.

Q: Can I import data?

No, but you can export data via the XML data file associated with each label design. The data of every printed label is recorded in an XML log file. This data file can be used as an input device for third-party applications.

Q: Is spell checking available?

Spell checking decreases productivity when used with mostly proper nouns as in a labeling system.

Q: What should I put in Line 1, Line 2, or Line 3?

You should enter the same type of data in each box for each label. For example, if you file by last name, then the text in Line 1 should always be the last name on the file. You can edit the caption to the left of the data-entry box to help recognize the data required for each data-entry box.

Q: How do I change the color of the color code band?

On the data-entry screen, select from the Color code list.

Q: How do I change the month / year?

Select a new month or type a new year in the appropriate data-entry boxes.

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Q: Every time I print the label, it is not aligned properly. Where do I go to change the alignment?

Each printer prints differently. Smartstrip is ready to print on most printers, but sometimes the label needs to be aligned within the printer. To improve label alignment, on the File menu, click Print. With labels in the printer, click the Print Alignment button. Use the alignment form to adjust the alignment of the printer.

Q: How do I turn off the bonus labels?

To permanently turn off bonus labels, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, select Design Bonus Labels.
  2. Clear both the Use alert or index labels and Use top tab labels check boxes.

To turn off bonus labels for just one printing, do the following:

  1. On the File menu, click Print (CTRL+P).
  2. Clear the Print with bonus labels check box.
  3. Click OK to print the label.

Q: Where do I put the label form so it goes through the printer properly?

Follow your printer's instructions for printing on a #10 commercial envelope. Adjust the paper guides to hold the narrower width of the label form. Use your printer's default settings for printing on a #10 commercial envelope.

Please Note: Newer printers may require setting a custom paper size of 4.125” x 9.5” rather than using the default setting for a #10 commercial envelope to insure complete and proper printing.

On some printers, the paper guides automatically center the label form on the printer carriage. If you have such a printer, load the label forms in the envelope tray and follow your printer's instructions for printing an envelope.

Q: How do I change my printer settings?

On the File menu, click Print (CTRL+P).

Q: Why is the word "Sample" printed on my labels?

If you see the word "Sample" printed down the center of your labels, you have installed the demo version of Smead Smartstrip. To upgrade to the full version, on the Help menu, click Activate Product. Enter the Product Key that came with Smartstrip.

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Label Design

Q: Can I change the font?

Not at this time.

Q: Can I change the placement of the bar code or the alpha / numeric, text, year, month, or color bar bands?

No, you can not change the position of these elements, but you may use the Design Main Label screen to include or exclude each element.

Q: Can Smead Smartstrip match the label series used in my filing system?

Smead Smartstrip supports 19 of the most popular end-tab label series in use today. If it cannot provide an exact match it may be close enough to work within your system.

To choose another label series, on the Tools menu, click Design Main Label and then select from the Label series list.

Q: How many alpha / numeric bands can I have on the label?

If they all fit, up to 10 color bands can be placed on a main label.

Q: Why do I get the screen "Label elements are overlapping, off the label, or are missing completely. Please adjust the design so every thing will fit"?

You have configured the main label so that elements overlap. Remove or resize one or more elements until they all fit.

Q: What are "Alert" and "Index" labels?

The six small labels on the label form can be configured as alert or index labels.

Q: What are "Top tab" labels?

Top tab labels have several uses. They can:

  • Be used when text lines or bar codes do not fit on the main label.
  • Identify related items within a folder.
  • Duplicate data from the main label.

Q: Can I change the colors for the different labels series?

No, the color of each label series are determined by the original manufacturer of the series..

Q: Can I add additional lines of text in addition to the three that are default?

Fixed text can be added on the top tab labels.

Q: How do I change the captions on the Design screen?

On the Tools menu, click Design This Screen.

Q: Instead of the two top tab labels on the Bonus Label screen can I get additional alert or index labels?

No, this feature is not available at this time.

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Q: How do I get upgrades to Smead Smartstrip?

Visit to find out how to receive upgrades to Smead Smartstrip.

Q: What is the stock number for Smartstrip Labeling System refills?

Currently, there are three products associated with the Smartstrip Labeling System:
#66000 Smartstrip Labeling System: Starter Kit (Smead Smartstrip software plus 50 label forms)
#66006 Smartstrip Labeling System: Supplies Kit 250/Pack (250 label forms)

Q: Where can I purchase supplies for the Smartstrip Labeling System?

Contact your local office product reseller.